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Hair Building Fiber 8g

Quick Details

Type: Hair Loss Treatment

Form: Fiber Powder

Volume: 8g*18


Ctn Size:470*390*280(mm)


Function: Hair Loss Consealer, Hair Thinckener

Age Group: Adult

Color: 12 Colors Available

Feature: Instant Thicken Sparse Hair, Washable and Natural

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Buy Direct From China Factory Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Building Fibers   

Product Description


What it is?


Dexe hair building fibers is an amazing,natural solution that instantly eliminates the appearance of baldness and thinning hair for both men and women, it is not a paint or cream that attempts to cover your bald spots, instead it is a finely textured natural substance that binds to your existing hair and forms a complete layer of "hair" above your scalp, where your natural hair is , Thus, your hair looks thicker and fuller within 5 seconds, unlike similar products. it is made of non-toxic natural plant fibers an proven safe and effective.





Why we need it ?

 According to the results of a Japanese trip survey, the Czech Republic is the country with the most severe baldness. Prague 42.7% of men are either bald or bald. Hair and scalp experts pointed out that the Czech male hair sparse main reason is too unhealthy eating habits, their indigestible meat consumption more, while the vegetables are eating too little, and the taste of partial salty like to eat too much sauce.

In fact, the European "big win" in the bald survey - almost the top ten accounted for the light: Spain (42.60%), Germany (41.24%), France (39.24%), and the United Kingdom (39.23%) Followed by Italy, Poland, the Netherlands and Russia. The United States and Canada, respectively, with 39.04% and 37.42% of the top of the top squeeze in the sixth and tenth.




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1. We offer free samples for test quality. 

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1. How does dexe hair fibers conceal thin hair?

Dexe fibers adheres to your existing hair with statiic electricity and make every single hair look thicker, adding volume in an instant.

2.Will Dexe hair fibers do damage to skin or hair?

Dexe hair fibers is made of natural fiber. it is safer than the colthes you wear. So it will  not damage to your skin and hair.

3.Will Dexe hair fibers be stuffed in pores?

Dexe fibers look like a powder but it is a fiber cut into 0.3-0.5 mm which means it will not stuff in pore. And mostly. the fibers are cling to the existing hair not scalp.

4.Will Dexe hair fibers fall off in wind or rain?

No, Dexe fibers will stay in place in wind and rain by applying hair spray.

5.Do we have to wash hair them out everyday?

Yeah, we recommend you to wash out everyday to make your hairstyle look. Greasy hair will make a ball of dexe hair fibers. It won't look natural.

6. Does Dexe hair fibers mark or stain if it is sprinkled on your clothes?

Definitely no. it will dust off easily and also won't mark or stain even if it is sprinkle on your clothes.

It is not coloring but only a fiber.

7. How long does it last?

It will last until you wash out with shampoo. We recommend you wash out every night.

8.It is ok to put on a hat or helmet?

No. but in case you do . be careful not to rub off when the hat or helmet touches directly to dexe fibbers.

9.Is this only for man?

No. thousand of women are also using dexe fibers. We have 12 different colors for the people all over the world.



The dexe hair building fibers: 

1. safe & effective for hair thickening.  

2. hair fiber: 100% natural ingredient. 

3. hair fiber easy to wash with anynormal shampoo


4. hair fiber made from cotton


5. Hair fibers build upon existing hair to produce dramatic density, volume and total coverage

1. Shape the hair. (Please make sure your hair is dry before you use it.)


2. Sprinkle the hair building fibers on the sparse hair area until  the scalp can not be seen. (Please slant and shake the bottle when you feel the plant fiber is difficult to fall down.)


3. Shape the hair carefully with your hands so that the  Hair Building Fiber can completely penetrate the hair, they will immediately become a natural look.


4. Use the DEXE or normal hair locking spray to fix.


5. Before you go to bed, wash your hair with the DEXE shampoo or nomal shampoo.