Brand Culture

Brand Culture:

We want to be the high quality hair care product intelligent manufacturing best partner for our customers, we provide the best solutions for our customers with our best effort, create maximum value, which is the difference between traditional companies which are only for benefits and us.

Brand Slogan:

“Dream it, Do it .” To create global supply chain,  we are dedicated to promote our products, advocate openness, cooperation, co-creation, and win-win business module with our business partners, all of which are committed to establishing a set of product globalized business ecosystems.

Brand Mission:

To solve all the hair problems all around the world,  we insist on innovating the hair care product and solving all the hair problems as our vision, provide the most appropriate hair product solution through our advance technological innovations and help all the consumers to get rid of hair problems.

Brand Concept:

We are contributing more time, energy, and resource into our products, let our customers enjoy our products, every their comments would be the prove of our products. Base on this situation, we would absorb more customers’ attention and keep the customers as our loyal customers.

Brand Value:

Persistance,Trusthy, Responsible, Developing. Persistance–We insist on providing customers the best quality product and servie; Trusthy–We will be honest with our customers to be reliable business partner;  Responsible–We will be responsible for our production procedures and fix the problems immediatly; Developing–We continue to ultinzie the advance research technologies to develop pioneer products; Sharing–We are committed to producing high profit product to our distributors and achieve win-win outcome with our business partner.

Strong R&D Capabilities

Strong R&D Capabilities

Dexe Group has set up a lab where the latest raw materials and technologies are developed, keeping Dexe Group stay at the leading edge of hair cosmetic filed.

Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control System ensures the consistent delivery of stable quality product at all time. There are 20 staffs in our Quality Control department. The QC control system is in accordance with GMP / ISO’s requirement.

International Certification

The adoption of ISO, GMP Certification and SGS have paved the way for Dexe Group products to reach any country around the world.

Reliable Material Suppliers

We work with high-quality suppliers from China mainland, Hong Kong and overseas for many years, most of them are suppliers of world -renowned brands, and have GMP sterile manufacturing plant.

After-sales Services

After-sales service team is comprised of more than 10 senior advisers,  some of them are from North America and Hong Kong professionals, which provide you with excellent product training, marketing guidance and other related after-sale services.

Integrated Logistics Services

Cosmetics are sensitive items, we have built perfect all-round logistics system including product safety inspection, customs declaration and logistic support which enable us to ship the cargos.

About Us

Dexe Group is now occupying a competitive position in the cosmetic-products field, including researches and developments, designs, productions, and OEM projects. Thus, we have customers all over Aisa, Europe, Africa, America, and the other twenty countries and regions.

Our good credibility and reputation have been spread already in the industry with our GMP, GMPC, SGS, and ISO certified qualifications and years of professional cosmetics products manufacturing experience. Dexe group has strong confidence in providing high-quality products with competitive prices. Our company is located in world- class cosmetic center Guangzhou, China, where were built up our factory covered an area of more than 1000 square meters with a scientific structure, a beautiful environment, orderly warehousing, and short-distance away from airport and railway station, and has more than 500 employees.

Dexe group is making every possible effort on developing and researching products, from raw material to finished products, we have expert staffs to seriously follow up in very order procedure. We are committed to providing the consumers' health, fashion, high- quality products and service.

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