With the development of technology, more and more household hair creams have the hair dyeing performance comparable to professional salons. Compared with hairdressing hairdressing, it is time-consuming and costly. More and more people choose home hair coloring cream and operate at home. You can finish dyeing hair. But now the quality of hair cream on the market is uneven, the ingredients inside are not very clear, the hair will be greatly damaged after each hair dye, hairy, rough, so sad.

 Good dyes, high cost, top materials, and a lot of ingredients to protect the hair, the concentration of coloring ingredients is also very high. The poor quality of the paste, the cost is very low, the materials are low-grade, there is no additive to protect the hair, the concentration of the coloring ingredients is not correct, and some inferior dyes even use metallic pigments. This is the difference in the quality of the dye itself. The difference in dyed hair is even greater. The purity, saturation and gloss of the color are very different.

So how do you choose a brand that is well-known, trustworthy, safe, healthy and non-toxic from a wide variety of hair creams on the market?

The internationally renowned brand Dexe strives to create a Dexe black hair dye shampoo, botanical formula, a wash on the black, mild and non-irritating, does not contain ammonia, does not contain harmful carcinogens such as PPD. It has been popular since its launch. It has been sold in the world for more than ten years. Its quality has been verified by users in 100 countries around the world. It has the certification of the inspection organization and is trustworthy. It is easy to operate, dyes hair in 5 minutes, and can easily dye hair at home. The price is more advantageous than hairdressing hair dyeing, and you can enjoy the salon-level hair dyeing experience for only one-tenth of the price.

 Nowadays, many brand-name hair creams on the market, like some copy, are very cheap, but they all use carcinogenic ingredients. The material is turbid and contains a lot of ammonia and PPD carcinogens. Direct use may cause allergic reactions.