Black hair shampoo comb 200ml

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Black hair shampoo comb 200ml

Type: Hair Dye

Form: Shampoo Cream

Volume: 200ml/ box

Quantity:48 boxes/ctn

Ctn Size: 633*390*300(mm)


Function: 5 mins Dye Hair Into Black

Age Group: Adult

Color: Black

Feature: Herbal And Natural, Gives You Shinny Black Hair


Dexe Black Hair Comb help you solution the grey hair problem!!!

China medicine essence black hair shampoo, black color is non-toxic with high technology.

It is has the advantage of low cost, time-saving and convenience!

Magic comb!! Make your hair from white to black

1. Unique comb design, hair dye comb.
2. Very convenient for dyeing hair.
3. The black magic combs hair dye ,natural black hair color.
4. With Special formula,The dyed hair will last shiny, it also prevent the hair fron drying, and supply the nutrition and repair the hair as well as making the hair soft.

Ingredient and Formula:

*Chinese Ginseng Extract

*Ginger Extract

*Ganoderma Lucidum Extract



1. Fast

Just 5 mins.

2. Low cost

Very very cheaper than dye color in salon.

3. Convenient

You can do it by yourself at home, just like washing with normal shampoo.

4. Long lasting

Can keep about 5 weeks.

5. Safety material

Herbal ingredient


How to use ?

1. Press the button in the middle, makes two foams come out together with equal quantity.

2. Just comb the hair with the mixed foam onto where the white hair area, makes comb the grey hair for 8 minutes.

3. Take a shower and rinse well with water.